Air Innovations Replacement Wick Filters for AI-110 Personal Tulip USB Powered Humidifier

  • Set of 5 Replacement Filters
  • Replaces filters for Air Innovations Humidifier Model Personal Tulip USB Powered Humidifier
  • Replace every 30 days
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Breathe Easy

Use these replacement wick filters in your Air Innovations Humidifiers model AI-110 Personal Tulip USB Powered Humidifier. This personal travel humidifier is so useful and cute you won’t believe you could ever live without it.  It’s one of the most economical and easiest to use personal humidifiers available for its size your will change the dry air in your workplace forever.  The versatile humidifier works with any standard size, refillable 16-32 fl. oz. water bottle and will run for up to 2 hours before it shuts off – that’s a big positive impact when you are in a class or at work!

Feel Better

While it may be compact, this powerful personal humidifier can add much needed moisture and humidity to your personal space.  The entire unit is made from antimicrobial plastic that helps prevent bacteria, mold, and mildew growth from forming. Other great features include an auto safety shut off, USB power adapter and a pretty design that is portable and ready to be moved in a travel bag, purse or backpack.

When To Replace

Change the Wick between 30-60 days depending on usage and water quality (hard water will reduce the wick life). Also, reduced mist is an indication that the Wick Filter needs to be replaced.

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