Air Innovations
MH-509 Cool Mist Humidifier

Tackle The Damaging Effects of Dry Air

Breathe & Sleep Better With Air Innovations

Permanent Ceramic Filter Instantly removes impurities in your water so your family breathes clean, pure moisture. Never needs replaced.

Antimicrobial Tank & Base Helps prevent bacteria from growing in the tank and base, which keeps you healthier. It keeps you breathing fresh, clean air.

70-Hour Run Time No need to constantly refill this humidifier. Get up to 10 nights of sleep without having to refill the tank with water.

Built-In Timer Easy, convenient digital timer allows you maximum control. Just set it to shut-off whenever is convenient for you.

Whisper-Quiet Operation Remember those noisy, loud humidifiers of the past? Air Innovations advanced humidifiers are whisper quiet to help you sleep better.

Digital LED Display Advanced humidifier technology offers digital features such as a timer, humidistat, humidity display, delay start, mist level and more!

Get To Know Your MH-509 Humidifier


REAL Customers LOVE Their Humidifier!

Better sleep , dry skin solution! For the first week, we had it operating in our 25 X25 foot bedroom and with the door closed (obviously) we had it set for auto. The difference was amazing taking the dry heat (we have electric radiators for heating) and embracing the dry air with moister set to your preference...

Cute, high tech, & efficient! The base is made of antibacterial plastic. I just use tap water & haven't had any issues with mineral deposits. Cold viruses thrive in dry air, so I suggest you get this high quality humidifier. It also makes it so much easier to breathe & cuts down on winter weather indoor static.

Not your grandma's humidifer! The AirInnovations Clean Mist SMART Humidifier puts a modern, digital twist on a device that's been around the home for decades. It gives a standard humidifier a much needed upgrade when it comes to smarts, along with a few other upgrades electronics.
74.97 USD